It has happened! We have completed a crowdfunder project and it was a success. We got just what we needed and more than we could hope for. Things have developed quite interestingly since deciding to ask the people around us to help fund a polytunnel.

As someone (Tracy DW Jones) said to me “You never know what support is out there until you ask for it.”

To be honest, after the Spring that we had, we had no other option than to ask for help, to see if there is support for this growing project, to give us an indication that we are on the ‘right path’ and if we should keep going…

There has been a resounding YES from the people around us, and evidently the universe, as things went ever so smoothly. We achieved our target, and more, without too much bother. This as a good sign and I now feel steadily motivated to make a real go of our project.

So how can this amazing experience be broken down into a blog post?

How about some bullet points:

  • We raised £506 in the first day

  • A local business, OBD Academy of Castle Cary has invested £500 after visiting the market garden

  • Julia from OBD Academy will be naming the polytunnel

  • We had a lot of old friends from Portsmouth contribute even though we have not lived there for ages!

  • We have had another mini polytunnel donated from Liam’s Aunt Ruth

  • Our family have been supportive and generous

  • Strangers have been supportive and generous

  • We would now like to become a Community Interest Company – in other words a ‘not for profit’

  • We raised a total of £2,119

  • £1476 online

  • £643 offline

  • It is just what we wanted to achieve to fund a 7.3m x 25m polytunnel

  • More people are now aware of us

  • New friendships have been solidified and we have made some new ones too!

  • We will have an opening ceremony

  • We are wondering, who should open the tunnel?

We would like to thank all who have supported in any way, this includes supporting us by buying veg from us regularly.

new polytunnel

We would like to name all the lovely people who helped us achieve this particular dream:

Crowdfunder backers:
Debbie McCarty - Portsmouth
Melinda Dewey - yet to meet 
Carlos Martinez Hurtado - fellow ex wwoofer 
Kate Jones - Portsmouth 
Sally Morgan - Soil Association
Ben Raskin - Soil Association
Amy - Portsmouth 
Harry Hagley - Portsmouth
Carey, Ashley and Alisha - Lou's family 
Jodie - Portsmouth
June K - Wells Saturday Market 
Maureen Bill - Liam's family
Miss Sarah Robertson - Portsmouth
BeaSmith - The Garden Deli
John Kelly - From Portsmouth
Laura Norman - Fellow grower & Future Grower 
Harry Neve - Fellow grower & Future Grower
Gavin Bridger - Fellow grower & Future Grower
JAMIE WILSON and Jo - Portsmouth
Lesley Middleton - Local Person
Christopher Wilson-north - Portsmouth
Arnaud de Lisle - ex fellow wwoofer 
Agnes - Lou's family
John Rosie - Liam's Family
blokeatthewarehouse - Chris Beer - ex manager - Crisis UK warehouse manager
Cesar & Rachel - Liam's family
Alan Collins - Portsmouth
Christine Hope - Fresh Start Land Enterprise & Hopes of Longtown
Sally Snook - Castle Cary - Clanville Manor 
Aiste - have yet to meet 
Juliet Webber - have yet to meet
Sophia Kuperman - Portsmouth
Mandy - Lou's family - Portsmouth
Joanna McCarty - Portsmouth
Ria Rodrigues - Bath
Paula Carnell - Carnell's of Castle Cary
Linda - my lovely mommy
Sue Antell - Castle Cary
Catrin - Lou's family
Matt Longs - Portsmouth
Offline contributors:
Janet Bedford - Soil Association Member 
Julia & David - Castle Cary OBD Academy 
Emily Clarke - Wells Saturday Market 
Suzy & Mike - Horsehaven UK - Wells Saturday Market 
Avril Loosely - Castle Cary Tuesday Market 
Paul McBeth - Poet, musician 
Alex Carthew - Somerset Kimchi & Kraut

What happens now? We are waiting for the funds to clear into the bank, and as soon as they are available we will buy the polytunnel. We expect it to arrive around the end of August. In the meantime there will be no waiting around.

To do:

  • Arrange rewards for contributors

  • Mark out polytunnel site and prep by mowing grass and mulching with cardboard and compost

  • Continue growing yummy veg

  • Receive polytunnel

  • Put it up

  • Have opening / naming ceremony get together – date and name to be announced in the future!

  • Grow, grow, grow!

Onwards and upwards!