Sowing seed: Many growers out there thrill in sowing seed, the joy of watching them poke the root out from their casing, seeing their cute little leaves unfurl is admittedly delightful …

But for me this is a serious task. Why?

Because each seed represents months of care and attention ahead. I am not just sowing a seed – bound up in this action is a timeline of activity which takes months to fulfil, until the culmination of the harvest. Before then, there is much to do: keep them warm and moist with the correct light levels, water as needed, but not too much, pot on where relevant, plant out and water in, protect with barriers such as fleece if necessary, weed, and wait and hope… there is only so much we can control when it comes to growing in harmony with nature. Sometimes the weather can come along and take it’s toll, as well as pests.

We see our supermarkets, shops and even market stalls brimming with produce, but many do not realise how long these plants have been growing before they have been cut for our plate. For example cauliflowers, calabrese and brussels sprouts can take from 4 months to 1 whole year to grow from seed to harvest. Tomatoes need to be nurtured for around 5 months before they produce one fruit! Some leeks are harvested over a year after they are sown. Lettuce can take 2 to 3 months from sowing.

All these plants take time, care, attention and intention to grow.

Here at Bengrove Market Garden, we have intention, positive intention, to grow happy food, that makes the environment happy too… as you tuck into your veg on your dinner plate, spare a little thought about where it has come from and who grew it… are they happy growing your food? Would you like them to be? Lou