In case you did not know already we are launching a crowdfunder campaign which will go live on the 9th of July 2016 and will run until the 6th of August.

What do you know about us?

We are Lou and Liam and we have an unending passion for growing delicious, interesting food and supplying it as fresh as can be to our local area. We feel that linking people back to the root of their food is of utmost importance in this day and age when the amount of land used for fruit and veg horticulture in the UK is dwindling.

Progress so far…

We started the growing business after completing a two year apprenticeship in Organic Horticulture with the Soil Association Future Growers Scheme. Bengrove Market Garden formed in January 2015 and after a promising first year of business we feel we need to take it to the next level in order to supply the increasing demand for local, healthy, and tasty high quality produce.
At the moment we have two brilliant weekly markets that we attend almost all year round at Wells and Castle Cary. We have built up lots of supportive regular customers. It has been so enjoyable and rewarding to build a positive one-to-one relationship communicating directly with our customers.

How can you help us to grow more food?

We need to raise £1100 to be able to grow even more healthy, tasty food for the local area. We will do this by purchasing a polytunnel.
Having additional protected cropping space will make it possible for us to supply more food in the winter and summer months. Polytunnels and greenhouses are eight times more  productive than growing outside and are an incredibly worthwhile investment. This will not only help us to grow more food for the local community but also enable us to earn a sustainable living whilst working on the land.

If you enjoy locally grown organic veg, would like to see us produce more quantity and variety and help us to succeed into the future, your contribution, no matter how small, would go a long way to help us achieve our goal to grow local and supply local for the long term.

When: from Sat 9th July – Sat 5th August
Project name: Help us grow more food
How: follow on screen instructions

FIRST UPDATE 4th July 2016 – 150 leaflets printed and donated to the cause!

What other people say about us and Bengrove Market Garden:

“Folk who truly have their heads, hearts and hands in the soil and their produce. Dedicated, knowledgeable & caring, who better to grow your veg?” – Jolke De Moel

“What I like about Bengrove Market Garden is their passion for growing high quality veg and their ethos of reducing food miles by selling locally. Everything is grown with care and attention to detail and everything is so full of flavour. I love the mixed salad bags and their tomatoes are just delicious.” – Mik Alban

“Lots of positive vibes from the community here in Castle Cary.  BENGROVE MARKET GARDEN are regular stallholders at the Tuesday Market….and always busy!” – Angela Piggot

“A pair of very dedicated gardeners, who are loyal in what they believe in!! Really passionate and have nature and the consumers interests at heart! Unique veg as well…” – Amanda Nuttall

Lou and Liam put their heart and soul into their business. This really shows in the quality and variety of vegetables they grow and their expertise in planting these at the most opportune time seasonally, as well as knowing that each plant is individual and requires its own kind of care and attention. They have introduced me to many different kinds of tasty vegetables I would not have found in supermarkets, taught me the best way to cook/serve them and with which ingredients to combine them, and have even given me advice on growing them myself. That’s the amazing thing about Bengrove Market Garden – they are both so passionate about what they do that they want everyone to share in this by passing on their knowledge in eating and growing healthy, tasty, organic, and sustainable veg.” – Sophia Kuperman