It is dark, cold and still… the vegetation’s growth cycle is almost at a standstill, the big rest before the spring burst. We notice the days getting lighter for longer, we need to start to be ready, we need to finish reflecting, finish planning for the year ahead and be ready to spend a lot more time outdoors in the garden.  

“What is there to do in the veg garden in winter?” I hear you ask in a shocked tone! 

Well there are a few things:

Prepare for the spring
Organise everything
Tidy everything
Weed the paths
Weed the beds
Clear old debris in the greenhouse
Mulch the beds
Wash greenhouse windows
Plan the crops and sowing dates
Collate seed requirements 
Order seed
Learn, research, read, improve knowledge
Continue the markets - They never stop I tell yea! 
Launch the new veg box scheme
Constantly market it
Finish the polytunnel
Put up another mini polytunnel for strawberries
Put up new 2nd hand shed
Tax return 

Once the spring comes it will be action time with not much spare time to to think and reflect. We must relish and treasure this time now… Enjoy the blindingly bright days of low sun while they are here and get done what we can!

If you are local and would like a veg box from us, go to www.bengrovebountybox.co.uk and we promise you an interesting year round journey of food, seasonal, local, but also from further afield… it’s all yum! Let us grow and gather, then bring it to your door.