Finals of the Muddy Stilettos Awards for Somerset 2017

So…we have just been informed we are in the finals¬†of the Muddy Stilettos Awards for Somerset 2017! This puts us in the top 5 Best Local Producers (food and drink category) which is a huge honour for us. The voting for the final lasts from today (Wednesday 7th June) until next Wednesday (14 June). If […]

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The Significance of Sowing Seed

Sowing seed: Many growers out there thrill in sowing seed, the joy of watching them poke the root out from their casing, seeing their cute little leaves unfurl is admittedly delightful … But for me this is a serious task. Why? Because each seed represents months of care and attention ahead. I am not just […]

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January & winter in the veg garden

What is happening in the garden at Bengrove Market Garden in January…

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The Bengrove Veg Team

Liam Wood
Liam Wood

Market Gardener Accounting - Admin

Tireless, driven and resourceful problem solver, whose technical knowledge and ability constantly improves the garden.

Lou Coombes
Lou Coombes

Market Gardener Marketing - Admin

Creative, dynamic, community minded and passionate about growing and supplying healthy, tasty food to the local area

Tammy ~ Doris ~ Sebastian
Tammy ~ Doris ~ Sebastian

Rodent Control

Regular patrols of the greenhouse keep it free from rodents. They have been known to be fluffy, soft, funny and affectionate kitties

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