Getting a Polytunnel: A Successful Crowdfunder Project

It has happened! We have completed a crowdfunder project and it was a success. We got just what we needed and more than we could hope for. Things have developed quite interestingly since deciding to ask the people around us to help fund a polytunnel. As someone (Tracy DW Jones) said to me “You never […]

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Launching of our Crowdfunder! Goal: A Polytunnel

In case you did not know already we are launching a crowdfunder campaign which will go live on the 9th of July 2016 and will run until the 6th of August. What do you know about us? We are Lou and Liam and we have an unending passion for growing delicious, interesting food and supplying […]

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The Profound Effect of the Weather on a Small Grower

Well it was in most senses a glorious Spring where we were spoiled with lovely bright sunny weather and the growing season got off to a reasonably good and promising start. But it was not to last. We have had high levels of rainfall which had generally been hindering our work in the garden. Then, […]

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The Bengrove Veg Team

Liam Wood

Liam Wood

Market Gardener Accounting - Admin

Tireless, driven and resourceful problem solver, whose technical knowledge and ability constantly improves the garden.

Lou Coombes

Lou Coombes

Market Gardener Marketing - Admin

Creative, dynamic, community minded and passionate about growing and supplying healthy, tasty food to the local area

Tammy ~ Doris ~ Sebastian

Tammy ~ Doris ~ Sebastian

Rodent Control

Regular patrols of the greenhouse keep it free from rodents. They have been known to be fluffy, soft, funny and affectionate kitties

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