Why a local veg box scheme?

The true meaning and purpose behind most veg box schemes and why they can be part of positive economic change.

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7 Practical ideas to boost your FRUIT and VEG intake

Making small lifestyle changes to bring more fresh food into your diet for thriving health…

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Getting a Polytunnel: A Successful Crowdfunder Project

It has happened! We have completed a crowdfunder project and it was a success. We got just what we needed and more than we could hope for. Things have developed quite interestingly since deciding to ask the people around us to help fund a polytunnel. As someone (Tracy DW Jones) said to me “You never […]

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The Bengrove Veg Team

Liam Wood

Liam Wood

Market Gardener Accounting - Admin

Tireless, driven and resourceful problem solver, whose technical knowledge and ability constantly improves the garden.

Lou Coombes

Lou Coombes

Market Gardener Marketing - Admin

Creative, dynamic, community minded and passionate about growing and supplying healthy, tasty food to the local area

Tammy ~ Doris ~ Sebastian

Tammy ~ Doris ~ Sebastian

Rodent Control

Regular patrols of the greenhouse keep it free from rodents. They have been known to be fluffy, soft, funny and affectionate kitties

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